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Zealots Trade Question (1 Viewer)


Hey,I have a trade on the table, wanted to get some peoples opinion. This is a Zealots dynasty league, keep 53 guys per year. First I will post my WRs and LBs(the position id be trading and the position id be getting).WRs:Reggie Wayne(starter)Steve Smith(starter)Charles Rogers(probably starter)Davis BostonLarry BrackinsBraylon EdwardsMichael JenkinsGreg LewisTerrence MurphyEric ParkerDez WhiteMike WIlliamsReggie WilliamsLBs:Lance Briggs(starter)Will Witherspoon(starter)Al Wilson(starter)Earl HolmesTommy PolleyDontarrious ThomasDemorrio WilliamsThe trade is: I give Greg Lewis(WR-Phi), two 2006 4th round rookie picks for Demarcus Ware(LB-Dal) and a 2006 3rd round rookie pickI think I have a lot of young talented WRs, so I can afford to lose Lewis, and Ware has looked good this preseason and could help my LB depth and future. I think it helps my team, but then I think about Lewis possibly being a good #2 in Philly and wondering if its worth it.What you guys think?

I accepted the trade but Id still like to hear any comments anyone is willing to give. Thx

Yeah I don't see any harm in that deal. You do have lots of talent waiting in the wings and if they develop as they should then Lewis would have limited value to you as a starter. Your starting LBs are solid and Ware will have to perform quite well to crack your lineup but it's possible he could be your #3 LB next year. To be honest though I'd be happiest about getting the 3rd round pick. That pick has the best chance of being something of real value to your team long term.

I'm not so fond of the trade.Lewis could easily keep the #2 position in the future by holding off Brown and Pinkston. Plus, maybe TO leaves next year. That said, we don't know what he is capable of. You do have a lot of good young guys with as much upside as Lewis.Ware is playing OLB in a 3-4 defensive structure, so you're looking at a guy that will rank around 25-40 in LBs. There are a lot of LBs in this tier. He may be an exception but most MLB and ILB will outscore him, fantasy-wise. I'm not sure you got the starting LB you think you did. However, you do need help there. Both Briggs and Witherspoon got good stats last year because they played MLB when Urlacher and Morgan went out with injuries. They're both back at WLB now. Holmes and Wilson are relatively low scoring MLBs.


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