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Zeke/Keenan Allen for James Robinson/ either DJ Moore or DK Metcalf.......... (1 Viewer)


I keep lingering James Robinson around for trade. Had an offer for James Robinson on my team for Zeke and Keenan Allen, I just have to include either DJ Moore or DK Metcalf.

Im building this championship team here. 

My other RB's are Dalvin Cook and CMC

Bench is D Johnson from the browns, myles Gaskin and Devin Singletary. 

So having CMC, Cook and Zeke as RB1, RB2 and Flex would be an unbeatable combo in my eyes.

I am skeptical that CMC comes back this year anytime soon.  He apparently had a setback and was placed on IR so he is missing a minimum of 3 more weeks.

As far as the trade (assuming redraft) I would have no issue moving JROB and DK for Zeke and Allen


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