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Zimmer still with the Boys? (1 Viewer)


Cowboys coach Bill Parcells did not go to the Senior Bowl, choosing to stay in Dallas to finalize his staff.

The move was necessary following two departures over the last week that shuffled his coaching staff.

Assistant head coach/passing game coordinator Sean Payton became head coach of the Saints last Wednesday.

Less than a week later he hired Cowboys linebacker coach Gary Gibbs to be his defensive coordinator.


got another Q

their training camp is in California this coming summer?

Add in the fact that the Cowboys will be in California for training camp and it will be tough to make two cross-country trips early in the preseason. The league and the Cowboys are committed to the game with the Saints. The league decides who will play in the Hall of Fame game.

same link

I figured so, so that means then that they had two "assistant head coaches" last year?


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