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Bruce, one thing I've been doing with the DD lately is looking at and thinking about the dropoff number in the DVBD window. Suppose it says 11 WR will be taken between now and my next pick, but I'm at the draft and I'm not so sure that's the case. What I do now is go to the WR tab in the window and count down 11 players and see whether the dynamic baseline WR (#11) is within a sharp dropoff of player values or smack dab in the middle of a tier. This tells me whether or not the DVBD number is sensitive to the dropoff being off and gives me a sense of how sensitive it is. Of course, if I do my homework before the draft, this is less of an issue now that we can customize the dropoff. My problem is that counting the players takes time during the draft. Would it be possible to have a index on the far left of the player pool window that simply shows the #1 remaining player at a position, #2, #3, etc. The index would be static within that view because as players are taken, they already slide up within that view. If the index were there, I would immediately be able to say that player X is the #11 remaining WR and that I don't have to worry about the dropoff being too far off because there are 6 other WR's within a few points of him. Make sense?EDIT to add: the index would only be important in the player position tabs, not the overall tab, which may or may not be easier to avoid statically indexing.

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Yes, I do that now and they are in the right order, but I have to manually count down 11 players to see who/what the baseline x-value is and then look at x-values above and below it to determine whether the baseline is sensitive to the dropoff being accurate. Along the left edge of the player pool is the *overall* predraft rank by x-value. When I sort by the WR (or any position) tab during the draft, that overall predraft rank follows it. What I am asking for is another index that will let me (more) quickly determine who is the 11th best WR left during the draft.

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