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1st - LHUCKS 2nd - Aaron3rd - ShadowfaxKing of All Tools will be determined this week between Bloom and ACP. This could be important as our Tool King from last year ended up in 1st this year. Well...as we've all seen throughout this year, the SP smacked around the FFA in H2H, total record, total points and took 1st and 2nd place. Congrats to LHUCKS for winning this year, congrats to Aaron in making the championship game 2 out of 3 years, and I'll give a shout out to me...for being the only person to make the playoffs all 3 years. Some finally disheartening stats:The SP went 42-30 H2H with the FFA, having a winning record 6 of the weeks, while the FFA could only muster 2 winning weeks. Overall records: SP 72-60, FFA 49-63-2. Through 16 weeks, the SP had the top 4 highest scoring teams, while the FFA had the 3 lowest scoring teams. You get the picture. The Shark Pool gets a clear and easy victory this year. I hope everyone enjoyed the league and hopefully we can improve on things a little more...and make it more and more fun. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them.Until next year.....

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Sorry everyone (or for anyone who cared) for the late non-notice. Been meaning to post something about this but just have been really busy...that and I can't get to this site anymore from work. F'n websense. :rant:

With limited access, a really hectic schedule lately...and the fact I decided to cut down on the # of leagues I'm in, I decided not to pursue this league this year. Perhaps, I'll get the itch again next year and we can do it again if enough people are interested. So LHUCKS will just have to remain Forum League Champion until somebody can take it away.

Good luck to everyone in their leagues.

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