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All should have received a die roll that is reflected here. Highest to lowest for draft order, no trading or no claiming of draft slots.

1 - Jiggyonthehut (928)

2 - Jackal King (876)

3 - renesauz (837)

4 - Jimmy D (825)

5 - gocats (668)

6 - Reaper (665)

7 - Bruno2 (634)

8 - Duckboy (595)

9 - tex (473)

10 - nightshift (383)

11 - Just Win Baby (292)

12 - bicylce seat sniffer (273)

13 - Pimpin' Ain't Easy (199)

14 - Z-Dog (50)

15 - Fiddles (42)

16 - Dreamers (6)

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In all the years I was in FF, I was never able to land M. Faulk, not knowing the guys in front of me, I wonder if he'll last to 1.04? :P

This should be interesting.

Rest assured, He'll be there. :):football:
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Had I asked for a specific slot, it probly would have been #3. :pickle::clap::pickle::clap::pickle::clap:

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I did not receive a dice roll via email. Was one sent out? Or was I just supposed to check here? But I'll take the 9 spot. Middle of the pack is not bad. :popcorn:

I sent it to the email I had for you . . . so maybe I have the wrong email address.

I guess I'm going to have to call Verizon and see what's up. I have been having trouble getting emails to my Verizon addy. Use mmartin136@msn.com from now on.
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what is the eta on draft time?

Just got my invits it says graft starts On Sun Aug 13 9:00:00 a.m. ET 2006.

Is this right?

Completing the trifecta of threads . . .

No. That must be the default setting that MFL puts in. We need to decide when you guys want to start drafting. Some people mentioned that they might not be around, so I had planned on starting Monday 8/7, but it makes no difference to me if you want to start sooner.

I still need to set up League 3 (not that that impacts when leagues one and two can start).

As for the rules, I opted to leave them the same. While I can appreciate people clamoring for team kickers, the last two rounds would be almost entirely kickers if we did that. And the people complaining about getting stuck with lousy kickers or ones that had no job security last year now know to draft them sooner rather than later this time.

I thought about doubling the post season points, but the majority of people didn't seem in favor. I felt that the best ball scoring would change the spirit of the league, and as Twilight mentioned injuries happened on so many teams that many times all teams would be dropping a zero score.

And nobody seemed to want to change the frozen roster rule, so obviously that was going to stay the same.

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I have gotten Leagues 1 and 2 up and running . . .yopu guys will be next. Hoipe to have the site up over the weekend.

still looking.....


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.. And they're Off....

Question. Do we get emailed when it's our pick or should we PM people here on FBG?

Under your team franchise setting you can set it up to receive email updates for all draft picks. I suggest people use this option.

For those that don't know how to do it, go to FRANCHISE SETUP and click on ADVANCED. Check off the items you'd like to receive email for (include DRAFT STATUS UPDATE). Click SAVE FRANCHISE SETUP INFORMATION on the bottom.

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Nice pick on Lewis Duckboy...he could be a steal there

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