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My current preseason overreactions


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After 8 days of preseason football, based on my analysis of various teams and situations, I am currently overreacting in the following ways (and trying like the dickens to temper my current knee-jerk reactions):

1. Due to an absolutely atrocious O-line, Aaron Brooks, Lamont Jordan, and Randy Moss are destined for mediocrity.

2. Philip Rivers will be a worthy starting FF Qb.

3. Larry Johnson will be very good...but not in LT or SA class.

4. Tony Gonzalez will spend most of his season staying in to block & produce insufficient TE #s.

5. Despite the additions of Hutch and Richardson, Chester Taylor will not have much running room.

6. Lawrence Maroney will be a Top 12 RB.

7. Reggie Bush will be a Top 12 RB.

8. Clinton Portis will have shoulder trouble all year and regress to 2004-type production.

9. Antonio Bryant is a start-worthy WR.

10. Peyton Manning is worthy of selection is Round 1.

11. Steve Smith, TO, Anquan Boldin, and Darryl Jackson will vastly underproduce due to nagging injuries.

12. Domanick Davis will never play NFL football again.

13. Carson Palmer will struggle in every game he plays due to a lack of confidence in his knee and a fear of pain.

The key is I don't really believe any of these things (except #13 - I don't like hearing the lack of confidence and admitted fear out of Palmer's own mouth). I'm trying to remind myself that in the modern era preseason football means next to nothing in regard to FF.

Any overreactions you're finding yourself fighting?

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I'd be lying if I said that all these thoughts aren't on my mind. Hopefully they don't stay there long enough for me to make a dumb move before the season. Although, I wonder if it is a stretch to say that half(?) of these will actually come to fruition.

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