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3 for 3 on the Big 3


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By no means am I here to brag - I simply got lucky and ended up drafting from the 3, 2, and 2 spot in separate drafts. In my first draft I was 3rd & took LJ - easy enough. Week later I pulled the #2 spot & took LT after SA went first. With no real preference of either 3 I chose LT to balance my risk since I already had LJ - really the only reason. Now tonight I had the #2 & went in hoping to get SA who I think is safer, plays in better O and has easier schedule but also partly because I already had LJ & LT in other leagues. As it works out LJ goes first so I take SA.

From similar position I had many of the same players as options in each draft. In first 2 I took Moss in 2nd but made a conscious decision to avoid him in my 3rd draft if similar value presented itself. Thus I went Harrison over Moss.

For those playing in multiple leagues, which is most of us on this board, I'm just wondering how much you let previous drafts effect who you take in future drafts provided similar value is present?

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