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UFC wagering: breaking news - judging is so terrible it got me to return here to update this thread title

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Forgot to mention - got my BJJ purple belt a couple weeks ago.

***OFFICIAL NOTICE***: Any further talk of Ronda Rousey vs (a TUF Contestant/A male bantanweight / a bear / a horse sized duck / steven segal / whatever ) -- someone else start a new thread and

This sport tends to highlight the negative over the positives so it is worth while acknowledging what Khabib is doing.  He asked kids to write to him on instagram asking for something they wanted as a

1 minute ago, UOFI_316 said:

Holy crap.  The replays when he went to put his foot down after the kick....

He didn't know anything was wrong until his foot hit the canvas. Insane.

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I'm a big Masvidal fan, but I never thought he was championship material.  I love his style, he improved his wrestling, but he's probably a 50/50 guy if you match him up against most of the top welterweight talent.  The top challenge for Usman is Colby Covington.  Hopefully we get it fight week, and Usman doesn't dodge until 2022.

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11 hours ago, Chaos Commish said:

most fun i have had watching any sport in a long time

Was trying to think of the last ufc event that was that fun to watch, but you’re right, best sporting event period in a long time 

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On 4/25/2021 at 6:55 AM, BroncoFreak_2K3 said:

Wondering if Weisman’s surgery went ok.  Nothing on Twitter this morning. 

Just saw an ESPN article that had a tweet from his wife that the surgery went well.

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Also mentioned in the article was that there has only been 3 broken legs in UFC history.  Strangely, Weidman has been involved in 2 of them.

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14 minutes ago, Chris B. said:

WOW what a slugfest. This Prohaszka is a machine.

most impressive thing was his chin. he finally got wobbled, but xxxx, he didn't feel so many heavy heavy shots. his defense is not q good sign against jones, but who cares. nice to see a new and serious challenger.

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5 minutes ago, guru_007 said:

Think I’m going to buy this ppv.  Just need someone to give me a winner to pay for it :oldunsure:

I pay 9.99 for sportz tv to watch it :bag: 

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