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***Official Kige Ramsey Tribute/Discussion***


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A little throwback Kige.

Sponsored by You Tube Suggestions.


:lmao: "paper plate ideas"

Kige's Walmart videos were probably the apex of the internet. It's also when I realized he's trolling us.

I know where he went to high school and the Walmart he filmed them at. Trust me. He's not trolling us. No one could go there and be smart enough to pull off this kind of act for this long. He's disabled.
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6 minutes ago, Binky The Doormat said:

I thought Kige was in Kentucky?

He is.  One town over from my hometown in KY/TN state line.  I live in Nashville .  Drove up with a friend and my son last night to a game.  Hadn't been to a high school game in over a decade but the two schools were undefeated so took my son to it.  Little did I know Kige would be there.  Forgot all about him. 

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1 hour ago, flapgreen said:

Yeah I know .  I deserve it.  Didn't know what to say to the dude.  Kind crossed by him coming out of the bathroom and left me shell shocked for a couple seconds. When I came out of the bathroom ,  he had went into the crowd. 

You should have told him that his videos taught you how to throw a football.

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4 minutes ago, shuke said:

Did we miss it?  You actually commented on it in here the day it was posted.


God I'm getting old. Whatever it was that I said he should be banned for choosing mild sauce. WEAK!


:lmao: my reply is literally on this page. :bag:

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