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"I want quietude not attitude"

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Quietude was today's Yahoo! word of the day. Like me, you may not have known this was an actual word but it means exactly what you must have guessed it meant: Tranquility.''

I try to incorporate quality new words I learn whenever I can so I have decided to create a new catch phrase. It is "I want quietude not attitude". A quick google search confirms this not so clever rhyme is either original or, at least, extemely rare.

I work in an office full of dramatic women so this phrase will be useful on a daily basis. In fact, I used it earlier today. However, its effectiveness may have been limited due to my excessively thorough explanation on why I was using it. This is where I need your help. Before I fully commit to this catch phrase, I need to have a better grasp on its effectiveness. I must understand the response it receives when used by others. I assume you guys have wives, girlfriends, co-workers and/or kids that create excessive drama in your life. I'm asking for a favor. Use this phrase. At least once. Please. It shouldn't be hard to find an appropriate situation. Then post the situation and the response you received. Only then will I know the true power of this phrase.

Thanks in advance.

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