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Misheard music lyrics

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One of the better entries in the "identify the song with one word" thread was "ditty". The only thing I can think of when that song comes up is that my wife would sing the wrong words to that song. She always thought the line after "changes come around real soon" was "make us swimming in them". Lots of folks mis-hear lyrics all the time, so what good ones have you witnessed or messed up yourself?

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has it really been long enough to do this thread again?

You know I figured it couldn't be an original idea but don't recall seeing one... Sue me for trying to come up with Friday entertainment.
I don't mind... I just wanted to be the one to finally say that... lol :lol: on with the thread! :unsure:
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Was just watching the King of Queens episode where he thought it was "Reverend Blue Jeans". :goodposting:

I think there was an "According to Jim" episode where the dumb brother or brother-in-law or whatever thought the it was "I wanna rock and roll all night...and part of every day!"
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I doubt many have heard the song, but Porno for Pyros "Dogs rule the night" always sounded like Dr. Reubenheim

I wasn't the only one, my friend heard it too.

One more people have heard:

"this is the end, beautiful friend"

I though it was, this is the end, end of a friend. (actually still think it sounds more like this, but according to official lyrics, which were released after JM died I'm wrong)

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I was trying to explain to a Stevie Ray Vaughn fan (of which, I am not one) the one song that I really like of his. I said, "It's the one where he says: The Knights who go shoppin'.

Other 3 people at the table - :ptts::lmao::mellow:

Sheik - You know.... (singing) The Knights who go shop-in'!

Other 3 people at the table - :mellow::mellow::mellow:

About 2 weeks later while we we're all out drinking, the song came on. I said, "THIS IS THE ONE!"

"When does he say The Knights that go shopping?" When the chorus came, I pointed it out. They all busted out laughing as hard as I've ever seen anyone laugh.

Apparently SRV says, "And that's the cold shot, babe." To this day, I still think it sounds more like what I thought, even if he really does say what he thinks he's saying.

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Hold me closer Tony Danzaaaaaa.

More Elton:

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do

You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue

Anyway the thing is what I really mean

Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

Often mistaken for something really gay.

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