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Little Kids Get Owned In This Thread


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Actually, the funniest part of the video is the end, when the kids are walking back, and number 99 comes into view: "Ha ha, that was a funny hit by the safe. . . What the hell??!!"
Was he laying down when the ball was snapped? :lmao:
It took several viewings for me to figure out was position #99 was playing. After a Jaworski-level analysis, I determined that #99 was lined up at DT, between the LG and C. He was double-teamed (by two kids that may or may not have a heavier combined weight than #99), and was not a factor on the play.
I think I might disagree here. After (multiple) viewings, it appears that the safety comes shooting through the hole that was left when the LG moves over to double-team Grug. If that LG isn't preoccupied, he can move over and pick up the blitz.
I've had the joy of reviewing this play many times today. I think the FS came through the LT/TE gap. I blame the missed block on the fullback. That said, I agree with you that I was mistaken on #99 not being a factor. Since #99 tied up two blockers in the middle, #1 (the FS) had a clear view of the backfield and could come in flying full speed to meet the ballcarrier.

This is a wonderful thread. I think my favorite so far is "Chicken Dance Roundhouse", but this thread is like a buffet where everything is delicious.

Karate Champ shtick got a good secondary laugh out of me. :popcorn:
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I really shouldn't laugh so much at these, but they really catch some good air. :lmao:

Little Girl vs. Soccer Ball

Little Kid vs. Break Dancer

The first one is pretty funny and I've done that one to my daughter before.

The second one is a little rough.

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We have one of those balls and my daughter likes to jump on like that. She likes me to kick it into her too. Except one time I kicked it a little too hard and she spun around and slammed her head into a corner in our basement that is protruding out. Split her forehead and got a huge bump, but fortunately no blood.
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