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I think this would be so fun to play in a league like this: Combined college and NFL fantasy football league

You would start 1 QB, 2 / 3 RB, 2 / 5 WR, 0 / 3 TE, 3 / 4 DL, 2 / 4 LB, 3 / 5 DB, and 1 K

Offense would have a maximum 6 starters and defense would have a maximum of 11 starters. 18 players each week would start.

With the combination of college and NFL players you wouldn't find many if any rosters being the same so this concept could be expanded to create a super tournament type league. Kind of like the WCOFF.

I think with the right scoring setup this could be the ulimate fantasy football challenge / experience. Think about it you could have guys going almost every day. There would be a limitless supply of quality players to build a good team. You could alter the scoring for college versus NFL to have the standard 1 point for 10 yards in the NFL versus 1 point for 15 yards in college. The options are unending.

Anyone know how to create a good software program that could incorporate both college and NFL players, or put me in touch with someone that can do it?

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