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Pretty cool timewaster


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Stuck on level 10 :rolleyes:

Find a triangle and stretch it big, enough to fill the screen. Then find more triangles building on sides of the big one. When you find one, place the new triangle's nodes as close as possible to the bigger triangle's lines, which somewhat "packs" the new triangle making room to find the next one. It makes sense in my head, at least.
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finished it. kinda fun.

the key is to make one big triangle that takes up the whole screen and then start filling it with small triangles starting from one edge of the large triangle you made in the beginning. (not sure if that makes sense to anyone but me)

anyway... small triangles are the key

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Attacked the second-to-last one fresh, it took a bit but got thru it. Hardest part, as always, is finding the nodes to make the corners. After that, final one looked intimidating but I found the right nodes pretty quickly and breezed thru it in a few minutes. Just made my triangle and kept reducing conflicts within as I went.

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