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I run a franchise in a 16 team, 32 player IDP expert league called the Hire and Fire Association for Experts (HAFAX). This league has a number of unique elements to it, the most notable being that collaborative management is encouraged, as there are positions on the team with designated sets of responsibilities. This is a 12 month a year league, and perfect for those looking to test their knowledge at the highest level against guys who work in the fantasy football industry.

I have openings for both an Offensive Coordinator as well as Defensive Coordinator. I will get into more specifics once you express interest, but I'm looking for a few responsible guys to aid me in the running of the team. Your knowledge of football comes second nature to you, and you keep yourself current on all things NFL. You work well with others, and don't shy away from the challenge of competing in one of the more highly competitive leagues you'll ever be in.

If you have any interest, or are at least intrigued by this opportunity, please don't hesitate to email me at brown14@mts.net, and I can provide you with more information on the league, team, etc. Cheers!

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Thanks to those that have responded to this point.

FYI, Free Agency is starting late week, which is an exciting time of year for the league. I'm hoping to have at least one strong candidate officially added to the staff in the next few days, and ideally at least two. PM or email me at brown14@mts.net if interested in hearing more about the league. Thanks!

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