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Free-dynasty league starting-Very Realistic-serious players only


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Hi i am starting a free 18 team dynasty league called the FF-DLO for


This league was meant to resemble the real NFL as much as possible. It

has contracts, a salary cap, practice squad, defensive players,a

rookie draft, and offseason free agency that includes restricted free

agents, unrestricted free agents, franchise tags, and transition tags.

The scoring will be done on yahoo.

I am looking for managers that want a realistic experience of actually

running a team, and will be dedicated just because they love fantasy

football, as this is a free league. There is a greater time commitment

for a league like this and I only want people that are up to the task

Please take a look at the homepage and check out the setup and Rules.

I know there is a lot to take in so if you have any questions just ask.

Here's the link:


If interested email me and I can get you the signup info




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We have decided to make this a 16 team league because it made more sense from a roster depth standpoint.

So if you liked the league but thought there were too many teams, it should now be perfect :scared: I still am looking for a few good managers to run a franchise before we get started.

thanks and hope to hear from some of you (link and email are above)

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