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Looking to replace an inactive owners


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I've got an owner in a 12 team, PPR $250 Dynasty league that hasn't logged onto the site in months. The other 11 owners in this league are active, love to trade, and ready to hold our rookie draft. This inactive owner wants to resume the league in September. Looking to find a new owner to replace this one that just don't fit the mold for this league.

Payton Manning, Alex Smith

Brown, Rudi, Stecker, M.Morris, Tiki (told you he was inactive)

Mason, Rice, Hester, Booker, Glenn, Horn, Moose, Williamson, Stokely, K-Rob (again, inactive)




1.3, 2.3, 3.3 rookie picks

Please PM me if you are interested in either team. Thanks!

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I might be interested in the second team, but only if there was some reduced fee for the first year. Is there a prepayment system put in place, because if there isn't I might be concerned for the future of this league as it is a relatively high-priced dynasty. But for a reduced rate (hopefully, previous owner's prepayment) I would definitely take the time to rebuild this team.

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