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Fantasy Sports Central is back for our second season! We are also in the process of launching our new website! In our first season we had $500 in prize money and one of our lucky members took home a FREE authentic LT jersey! (More prizes are on the horizon!)

This year we are planning bigger and better things as we continue to grow FSCEN into one of the top fantasy league sites. So look over the leagues we are going to offer this year and see if you are interested. Please post any questions or interests in this thread and I will keep you updated on league details, registration, draft times, etc. Thank you.

All leagues will be run through Yahoo and will follow these settings.

Draft Type: LIVE, online

Draft Time: TBD (Probably the third/fourth week of August...weekend of course)

Scoring Type: Head-to-Head

Max Teams: 14

Trade Reject Time: 2 days

Trade Review: Commissioner

Waiver Time: 2 days

Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules

Playoffs: Week 14, 15 and 16 (6 teams)

Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN

Stat Categories:

Completions (.15)

Passing Yards (25 yards per point)

Passing Touchdowns (4)

Interceptions (-2)

Rushing Yards (10 yards per point)

Rushing Touchdowns (6)

Receptions (.50)

Reception Yards (10 yards per point)

Reception Touchdowns (6)

Return Touchdowns (6)

2-Point Conversions (2)

Fumbles Lost (-2)

Offensive Fumble Return TD (6)

Field Goals 0-19 Yards (3)

Field Goals 20-29 Yards (3)

Field Goals 30-39 Yards (3)

Field Goals 40-49 Yards (4)

Field Goals 50+ Yards (5)

Field Goals Missed 0-19 Yards (-2)

Field Goals Missed 20-29 Yards (-2)

Field Goals Missed 30-39 Yards (-1)

Field Goals Missed 40-49 Yards (-1)

Field Goals Missed 50+ Yards (-1)

Point After Attempt Made (1)

Sack (1)

Interception (2)

Fumble Recovery (2)

Touchdown (6)

Safety (2)

Block Kick (2)

Points Allowed 0 points (15)

Points Allowed 1-6 points (10)

Points Allowed 7-13 points (7)

Points Allowed 14-20 points (3)

Points Allowed 21-27 points (0)

Points Allowed 28-34 points (-3)

Points Allowed 35+ points (-7)

And now to the leagues....

We follow a 8x-3x-1x-1x-1x formula. This means...

(8x)1st place gets 8 times the league entry fee

(3x)2nd place gets 3 times the league entry fee

(1x)3rd place gets their entry fee returned to them

(1x)Team with best regular season record gets their entry fee returned to them

(1x)Fantasy Sports Central withholds one entry fee to go towards the development of the FSCEN website, marketing, and league prizes. Last year we gave away an authentic NFL jersey and we have much bigger plans in the making. As we continue to grow we expect the league withholding amount to decrease, but starting up a large scale site as we are attempting to do requires funding. We hope you understand and this doesn't deter anyone from participating in our fun and very competitive leagues.

Players can use check / money order by mail or PAYPAL to pay their league fees.

FSCEN Bronze League

Entry Fee: $50

Teams: 14

1st: $400

2nd: $150

3rd: $50

Best regular season: $50

FSCEN Silver League

Entry Fee: $100

Teams: 14

1st: $800

2nd: $300

3rd: $100

Best regular season: $100

FSCEN Gold League

Entry Fee: $250

Teams: 14

1st: $2000

2nd: $750

3rd: $250

Best regular season: $250

FSCEN Platinum League

Entry Fee: $375

Teams: 14

1st: $3000

2nd: $1125

3rd: $375

Best regular season: $375

FSCEN Double Platinum League

Entry Fee: $500

Teams: 14

1st: $4000

2nd: $1500

3rd: $500

Best regular season: $500

Again if you are interested in joining any of our leagues for the 08-09 NFL Fantasy season please post here or email me and I'll be in touch. Thank you!


Fantasy Sports Central


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Very interesting...93% payouts for a non-player run league.

How is the money guaranteed? After the whole AFFL fiasco I am leary to enter any new online contests except for the big ones that have been around for a while.

Can you send me some more information?

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I know what you mean. I am very cautious about what leagues I join and where I send my money. Luckily I have never been the victim of any scam, but there are plenty of them out there. This is our second season and we are going out on a limb trying to grow our organization. Last year we only offered 2 leagues: a $50 buy-in league and one free league that gave away an authentic NFL jersey to the winner (guy received a LT jersey). This year we wanted to offer more leagues and bigger cash prizes (of course that means bigger entry fees). I firmly believe in getting as much money back to the players as we can (that's why we have a 93% payout right now). The other 7% is to help fund the development of our website that will be launched soon as well as offer more free prizes to our members. Some of these other fantasy league sites have really gotten pathetic with their payouts; some keeping nearly 50% of the league fees for themselves. We will never drop below 90%. I know people are extremely uneasy about sending a stranger anything over $100 for a league entry fee and I am researching the best possible way to prove to our members that the league funds will be secure and guaranteed. I am trying to apply everything I have encountered over my 7 years of fantasy play into developing FSCEN into a place that fantasy players can trust and have fun (and hopefully make some money or win something cool). Right now I haven't officially narrowed down how we are going to secure/guarantee the funds for our big money leagues, but I will keep you informed when we arrive at that decision. Is there anything else I can answer for you regarding our leagues?

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