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League where IDP scores just as well as the offense


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Roster requirements

offense - QB, 2xRB, 2xWR, TE, flex

defense - 3xDL, 3xLB, 3xDB, 2x defensive flex

Scoring for offense is somewhat standard and plain

QBs get 1:25 passing, 4:TD, -2:pick, -2:fumble

RBs get 1:10 rushing, 6:TD, -2:fumble

WRs get 1:10 receiving, 6:TD, -2:fumble

TEs get 1:10 receiving, 6:TD, -2:fumble

no kickers. Why? Because they suck and should stick to soccer.

Now, for the fun. IDP

you have choices. You start 3 each of the basics, then 2 flex positions....BUT....don't automatically assume that you want to grab LBs.

The scoring is a combination of "big play" and standard tackle leagues combined, so that the top IDPers are just as important as the offensive peeps. However, DLs get bonuses for sacks, and DBs get bonuses for picks and passes defensed so that there is a reason to draft something other than a mike or a will

2 points per solo

3/4 point per assist

5 bonus for solos > 15

5 points per fumble forced or recovered

6 per safety, 6 per TD

now, the differences come in sacks, picks, and passes defensed

DL and DB get 10 points per sack, LBs get 5

DBs get 10 points per pick, DL and LBs get 5

DBs get 2 points per pass defensed, DL and LB get 0.5

How does this result? Here's the top 30 scoring for 2007:

1 T. Brady QB 390

2 P. Willis LB 352

3 L. Tomlinson RB 308

4 J. Allen DL 304

5 T. Romo QB 296

6 R. Moss WR 287

7 P. Kerney DL 282

8 B. Westbrook RB 280

9 B. Urlacher LB 279

10 P. Manning QB 275

11 D. Williams LB 271

12 O. Umenyiora DL 270

13 D. Ryans LB 269

14 J. Harrison LB 269

15 M. Trufant DB 267

16 L. Bodden DB 266

17 T. Cole DL 264

18 R. Harper DB 263

19 E. Henderson LB 263

20 Big Ben QB 261

21 N. Barnett LB 260

22 M. Williams DL 260

23 D. Brees QB 257

24 N. Clements DB 256

25 D. Harris LB 254

26 O. Atogwe DB 254

27 D. Anderson QB 253

28 J. Taylor DL 252

29 W. Witherspoon LB 251

30 J. Beason LB 251

thoughts? Interested? I already have the league set up on fleaflicker, and I'm soliciting peeps to play. Just let me know via email or PM or whatever

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IDP scores better than offense. You have a nice balance with the top 10 (6 Off/4 Def), but is gets lopsided after that, the next 20 see a 17/3 advantage defense.
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