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***OFFICIAL*** Sons of Anarchy Thread

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Listen I enjoy the show with all its ridiculousness and can laugh about it but Jax really needed tags on his bike for all this?

how many people have been pulled over after getting away with a crime for something as stupid as a light out or no tags
by the charming sheriff?

oh god no...they wouldnt see a bomb exploding in the police station lol

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So Able stumbles/catches Gemma "confessing" again? He's the best cop that has ever been on this show.

This week, the Sons bond as they mourn the death of Unser, who finally loses his battle with cancer after one of our writers suddenly remembered Unser had cancer.

I finally saw this masterpiece tonight. The closing montage version of Watchtower took me to another place. It reminded me of the kind of cover song you'd hear at a place called Blooze Bar on a Thursd

Even though most people are giving the show a lot of ####, still have to respect that they ended and drew it to a conclusion. They could have went like Lost or many other shows and kept going and going to try and drain everything from an audience. Nice job ending a show while the ratings are still doing well

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Getting a bullet in the forearm can't be fun. That could impact Happy's self-gratification. I think I'd ask for the slug in the shoulder.

Chuckie, do you have a minute? I'd like to talk to you about something

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