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Update - Had to put my GB down.

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So sorry to hear man.

Thanks again Manback. :unsure:

Thanks again to everybody else.

Things are much better now. Still miss my little buddy, but I don't just lose every time I think of him. On Saturday I was really missing him and went through all the pictures we have of him. It was pretty much torture, but I think it helped.

At first, it doesn't hit you. Then you lose it. Then the anger sits in. Then you're tired of being angry so you don't put yourself through it. I guess like most things, time will heal all.

The girls (2 & 4) haven't seemed to be affected at all so that's good news.

The only one Im worried about now is our other dog Raja. We have a deck in the back and when I let her out, she just sits there waiting for Kobe. This is nothing new, but prior to Kobe passing, he would come out a few seconds later. Now she just sits there and waits. I have only be able to get her to go by walking out there myself or if it's the morning and she hasn't went since the previous morning. She was the semi-hyper one. Always wagging her tail even if you just looked at her. Now she sorta just mopes around. I've also caught her laying in his old spots. (OK, that last line hurt a little to type)

Maybe you could get a Kobe, Jr.?
I don't think so. First thought are that I wouldn't want to bring in a puppy around Raja, but maybe it would actually help her.

I don't know, I think it's too soon. I don't really want to deal with a puppy at the moment. With a 2 & 4 y/o old it would be like having 3 babies in the house. I have also thought about not getting any more dogs, but you can't not enjoy having dogs for the fear of losing them. You would lead a pretty empty life if thats how you went about it.

You know you have to wait for the kids to get a little older and let them pick the dog. And it'll be the crappiest dog that you won't want, but you'll end up loving it anyways.

Good to hear you're doing better.

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