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On 5/27/2021 at 6:48 AM, Bracie Smathers said:

DL Coach Chris Kiffin just told us that the guy he is most excited about this year in the DT room is Jordan Elliott...expecting a big jump in year 2

Their is 'talk' about resigning Sheldon Richardson but unless we get a substantial home town discount I don't see it so we really need Elliot and/or one of the other DTs we've taken flyers on to step up.

I really wanna see Clowney at full strength with Myles on the other side.  I think Jadeveon will be like a staff wielding Gandalf against the run.  (ranks in the top 97th percentile stopping the run)

Ranking all 32 NFL defensive line units ahead of the 2021 season


Jadeveon Clowney has seemingly gone from being overrated to underrated in the span of a few seasons. Injuries hindered his impact in stops with Seattle and Tennessee, but he has still been disruptive when healthy. Across the past five seasons, Clowney ranks in the 86th percentile at the position in pass-rushing grade and in the 97th percentile in run-defense grade. Clowney’s presence should keep teams from focusing all of their attention on Myles Garrett, creating more one-on-one opportunities for both players. 

Jordan Elliott is a name to watch in his second season out of Missouri. He earned PFF grades of at least 85.0 in each of his final two college seasons and could earn a more prominent role on Cleveland’s defensive line in 2021. 

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good news, guys.  the Browns FA DLinemen look great against the blocking sled!!!



“Clowney is expected to start on one side of the line, with Myles Garrett on the other — which gives Cleveland two players who were taken first in their respective classes on the same line. It was also the first time the two were on the field together and while these practices aren’t padded, it was still an impressive day according to Mary Kay Cabot

The Browns beat reporter shared a video of the two working out, saying they “blasted through the bags one after the other” during a set of drills.”


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Was just reviewing my team defense situation in my dynasty league (dropped Ravens about 6 weeks ago to free up a roster slot while keeping the Browns D).  Reading the last page+ of this thread makes me feel good. I hope they turn out to be the difference maker I expect them to be in 2021. 

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On 3/25/2018 at 12:09 PM, Bracie Smathers said:

... Allen has one of the best arms ALL-TIME and he doesn't fumble.  If he gets developed properly he has Elway potential IMHO...


On 3/26/2018 at 9:17 AM, MAC_32 said:

I tried to ignore and move on, but I'm still giggling like an idiot with that Josh Allen and Elway comparison.

FMIA Guest: Greg Cosell On The NFL Evolution Of X And O Film Study

 I think, speaking of Josh Allen, he is the most physically gifted quarterback in the NFL. That is not a bold, controversial take. It is just a statement of fact. Whether he develops into the best quarterback in the NFL is a different question, one that remains to be answered. Remember, Allen is 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds. Think about that for a moment. I have stood right next to him, and he is a big man. I stood a few feet away watching him throw, and I have never seen a ball come out of the hand of a passer like it does with Allen. It was otherworldly. The name that often comes up, and rightly so, when the talk is of the most physically talented quarterbacks of all time is John Elway. Allen is a much bigger man than Elway. Allen is the most intriguing quarterback I have watched and evaluated in all my years at NFL Films. It would not surprise me at all if we soon call Allen the most physically gifted quarterback the league has ever seen. Stay tuned.

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Since 1971 their have only been 34 teams who had continuity of a minimum of 6 games of their 11 starters on offense from the previous year. 

All but three of those 34 teams improved their points per game.

Right now the 2021 Cleveland Browns would become the 35th team since 1971 to have the exact same starters on offense if they stay together for at least 6 games.

Check out the chart.


LINK to chart

Anthony Reinhard @reinhurdler

The 2021 Browns have a chance to become the 35th team since the merger to begin a season with all 11 offensive starters coming off a season with 6 or more starts in the previous season. I took a quick look at how the other 34 teams fared in the season before and after.

12:02 PM · Jul 12, 2021·TweetDeck


Interesting discussion.


Replying to@reinhurdler

No surprise, but most teams who bring everyone back on offense were already good at offense! 29 of the 34 teams were coming off a season where they scored more points per game than the NFL average.

Anthony Reinhard @reinhurdler Jul 12

Because of that, there is a decent amount of regression in the return season. But the teams who improved the most (MIN '98, CHI '85, SF '84, PHI '02) at least made it to the conference championship game.

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