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As much crap as I gave Bob Stoops over his coaching tenure I now see him in a new light.   Sure he made a lot of mistakes along the way but to stop what you are doing to help the University of Oklahoma in their time of need.  A Hall of Fame coach going to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (my hometown) to meet with a local player at a freaking Chili's.  Bob isn't doing it for the money he is already wealthy.  Bob is doing it out of pure love for the University of Oklahoma.  Today he is going to Lubbock, Texas to recruit.    WOW! 

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Here's what Oklahoma wish list to replace Lincoln Riley could look like according to @BerryTramel:

-Shane Beamer #Gamecocks Head Coach

-Brent Venables #Clemson Defensive Coordinator

-Matt Rhule #Panthers Head Coach


and about another 10 names has surfaced as well 

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17 hours ago, Tick said:

Venables seems like a natural choice, if he's forgiven Stoops for pushing him out.

From Teddy Lehman "I know for a fact that Venables wants the OU HC job!"     A lot of rumors of waiting for Fickell.   At this point I don't think anyone knows.   People wake up check social media, get mad as hell at LR, turn off social media, check social media again and repeat cycle.    Also, the I saw a plane was leaving X and coming into Norman could it be Coach Such and Such.   "They must be announcing the new coach today because I saw a catering company and light company setting up something around campus and they put down cones to block off parking"  

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The only thing I can see getting upset at Riley about is the OSU game... when you announce that quickly after the game that you're leaving, you spent part of the week thinking about your next job rather than beating OSU.  Win that game, and it's another shot at Baylor and a possible playoff spot.

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Was never Super impressed with Riley anyway.  It seems like Stoops walked away because Riley was the choice in waiting and they didn't want to risk losing him.  He was pretty much handed a very successful program and this year was the first year that the roster was 100% his recruiting class.  I think the program will be fine and will not skip a beat as long as a qualified coach is brought in.  The move to the SEC is the biggest thing that puzzles me.  It seems like they are following Texas wherever Texas goes and just following the money.

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6 hours ago, Moe. said:

At this point you have to think it's someone who is playing this weekend. If Venables was the #1 choice and he wanted the job that would be done and announced imo. 

Castiglione has been stealthy with the other two hires... hard to know what he's planning.

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