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Need FLEX help


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Need one of these guys as a FLEX. 1pt/15 yards rush/recvg. 6 points/TDOchoCinco (@ CAR)Johnny Knox (v. GB)Brandon Jackson (@ CHIFred Jackson (@ NE)will answer yours.

I like Ocho! Weak CAR D! Knox is #2 choice, has been getting yards but no TDs. Could change htis week though.Thanks for getting mine.
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I'd go with Knox...should be a back and forth battle. Ocho would be 2nd. THanks for answering mine.

I'm thinking Knox. He's been the go to guy for Cutler so far. The Bears rushing D has been pretty solid, and Cincy will get up early on Carolina and it'll be all day Benson.Thanks for answering mine.
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