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Best or Bradshaw rest of year?


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Working a trade for 1 of them? Who's your choice?

Best - 1 huge week of 4. No competition. Turf toe. Better receiver. Worse team.

Bradshaw - consistent good scoring wks. Ankle injury. Jacobs in background. Chewed up Chi D. Scores TDs regularly.

Standard scoring, no PPR. Who do you choose?

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I think it's definitely Best.

The Lions are an improving team and they're building their offense around him. When Stafford comes back it should provide some more stability for the offense, while the focus will remain on the running game.

I like Bradshaw, but am not sure what the Giants are these days. Their scoring is mostly coming through the air. And at the goal-line, you're never sure he's getting the ball.

I think Best is a top-10 RB the rest of the way.

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