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Jermichael Finley has a serious infection in his knee

Babu Bhatt2

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From Milwaukee Journal on Nov 11th:

~ Checked in with Jermichael Finley after that scare with the staph infection following knee surgery. "I'm doing great, just trying to stay on top of everything and get back 100%," Finley said.

From his twitter account today:

CourtFinley88 Mike finally gets his central line out Thursday! No more having to administer his IVs 3x a day for me. These past 6 weeks have been so HARD

about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPad

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Yikes. Definitely not a small infection. I've had a number of surgeries in the last couple of years, and while I never had any infections as a result, it was something that was closely monitored. My doctors FREAKED out when I had like a 100.1 fever. (Granted, I had a weakened immune system after my chemo, but still...)The bigger question is whether this will have any impact on his knee recovery... Definitely not something to ignore.

IIRC, an infection after knee surgery ended Joe Jurevicious' career. This definitely could be a problem.
Grant Hill had to take antibiotics for 6 months after his ankle surgery.
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