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How are you? How are you doing?


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If we are going to get technical here, I don't think either question is correct.

How are you?

My parents procreated, sperm + egg, dna, etc. That is how I am.

How are you doing?

How am I doing what?

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Good day, good sir

How do you do? Look fine

Fantastically well

I am certainly not fine by far

But you could say

I'm close to spectacular

Close to spectacular? How so?

Open your eyes

Spectacular's right in front of you

Whatever you say... you're spectacular

No I'm fantastically well

Come on man make up your mind

A minute ago you said you were fine

No I said I'm close to spectacular

But I'm meeting fine in a minute

Close to spectacular?

You said you were fantastically well


Exactly?? Which one are you?

Close to spectacular or Fantastically well?

I am certainly and without a doubt

Fantastically well and was close to Spectacular but I must say good sir

You just pissed spectacular off

And don't even mention exactly...

But here comes fine right now

Oh lord, she is fine



A lady

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