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Just made a complete fool of myself at Walmart


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So I don't usually fill prescriptions at Walmart, but my doctor told me to go there because they have a 90 day supply of these two pills he put me on for $10.00. My regular pharmacy insists on running it through my insurance and they won't honor a 90 day script. I still end up paying the same $10.00 or so, I just have to go back every 30 days. But that is another story.

So I have a cart with a few items and my two kids and we get there to the little rope thing in front of the pharmacy. I enter and get right in with the first cashier. Wow, this is great!! The reason I never get my meds filled here is because the lines are through the roof and it takes an hour. I start to think, heck, I may come here more often. So the lady helps me and my 12 year old begins to pull on my coat and says, "Ah, Dad."

Me: I need to talk to this lady. Just a minute.

Daughter: Ah, dad....

Me. Wait!!!

Daughter: Dad, turn around

Me: (glancing over should) Crap!!!

It turns out there was a recent remodel and the little rope wasn't where you start to wait. THAT roped area was about 8 feet back and was occupied by about 12 very angry people who are literally shooting knives into me at this point. I remember the old couple in front is just shocked and was shaking their heads. I am :bag: at this point.

They have already rang four of my five items up, so I can't just stop. Lord, just let me pay and leave as quickly as I can. No!! Nothing can be simple. They need the pharmacists to come speak with me about the last med. To which, I hear this collective moan from the crowd behind me. I am dying at this point and my 12 year old just thinks this is the best thing to happen in the whole world. She begins texting my wife, her friends, everyone she can about what a fool dear old dad is making of himself at our local Walmart. My other daughter has to pee and she is not afraid of letting anyone else in the line know about this problem. Kill me, please!!

They want my prescription card, my id and are talking to me about side effects. I can feel the eyes on the back of my neck. I finally just say I will come back tomorrow for the script there is a problem with. Just let me pay for my items and go. I am looking for any way I can get out without having to pass these people in line to the point that I am almost putting my head sideways into my hoodie.

Ugghhhh!! Not my best moment....

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