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52 minutes ago, Keerock said:

Hey All... it's that time.  Next period starts next week.  Need payment from:

@Angry Beavers
@Chadstroma **
@Fear The Turtle
@Jules Winnfield
@Nathan R. Jessep

** On escrow... Out if not paid by next Monday

Take your ** back! $50 sent

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3 hours ago, glvsav37 said:

@Keerock I know this group is the furthest from your mind, but if you want any help let us know or if you want to push pause for a few weeks i'm sure we will understand. 


Thank you.  I think this is the last week of the current period.  If the unpaids for next period can pay (@loco would be out if he doesn't since he's on escrow), I can send the period $$ to someone so they can buy/scan/post.

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23 hours ago, Keerock said:

Any takers?  I don't think I've gotten any payments yet,  I think Loco is the only one that would be out if no payment made.

If it's just the simple buy/scan/post I can do it. Over the years, I've met probably 30-40 guys from the board and I'm in a long standing FBG league with about a dozen. I'm sure several of them could vouch for me. I could send all my info to Kee. I live in MD if it makes any difference. Absolutely no offense taken if you choose somebody else.

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I can do it if needed.

In New Hampshire. No state tax on lottery winnings and no state income tax. However, no matter where the tickets are purchased, you must still satisfy the tax requirements for the state in which you reside.

IIRC, NH does allow multiple winners on a ticket (I think each person needs to sign it though, so there are some logistics to consider). NH winners are not anonymous. I believe there may be the option to form a trust which may help with the anonymity and ticket signing issues. A local lawyer would be a must, but I'm not sure how to choose a lottery expert lawyer.

I understand there are always trust issues with people you don't know. I can buy and scan the tickets and send the scan to Kee who can confirm and reimburse me.


Edit: Given the probability of winning big. I do realize the concerns that are related to winning are a little silly, but I'm an optimist. 

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