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1 hour ago, Pigskin Fanatic said:

NO!!!!! okay, sending, get me back in when you can, kee. i'm not saying i'm rooting against ya'll winning while i'm on the sideline or anything...

If you send $$ now... we'll just put the $10 we used for your spot back in slush.  All good!

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sent earlier.

u know, i haven't been on for a couple of months and this morning when I woke up my first thought was "i haven't been on FBG in awhile, i wonder if i owe for the lotto pool." true story. think we're gonna win.

or kee has psychic powers and his posts were talking to me. it's one or the other. :tinfoilhat:


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Just now, Keerock said:
23 hours ago, Fantasy Girl said:

Boatloads of :moneybag: out there to be won right now....I think we're due!

Agreed!  I'd be up for a special purchase for tomorrow night if everyone is in agreement.  If @brun is unable to buy, I can.

What say ye?

And by special purchase, I mean using subscription $$ to buy 145 tickets for tomorrow's draw.

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