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Rank These Linebackers


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Haha this is what I get for posting at 3 a.m. here is scoring:

.8 tackle

.5 asst tackle

3 sack


1 PD

3 FF

2 Stuff

6 TD

I feel like Woodyard's value goes down since Keith Brooking is getting in the rotation. I really like Freeman because 2 weeks in a row he has played 97% percent of the plays. I feel like this is why I should pick him up until Angerer comes back. Agree? Disagree? Do you guys like anyone else more on the list above?

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Not sure how many your start, but Erin Henderson is OUT this week. Killing me because he has a great matchup against 49ers. I start 4 LBs and Freeman is one of them. Tough call on Jaguars Tackle Opportunities, but I don't think Colts have great defense and based on snap count % and MJD, I am counting on him getting decent stats. Next, I'd go with Mason Foster. After that, Paris Lenon. I like Woodyard and he has fantastic matchup, but from what I understand he lost significant snaps to Brooking and they brough Brooking in on "running plays". So while snaps count for Texans should be great, I am concerned that based on their offensive setup, snaps for Woodyard will be down. Finally, Mathis isn't someone I would bet on for consistency, but based on your scoring system and Jaguars OL, it could be a good play to count on him for 2 sacks (I play the same game weekly with Von Miller).

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