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Time to dump Cole?


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Don't know about dropping him but it's probably time to bench him. I played him this week and had Quinn on my bench with 37 pts (35+ pt difference). It's gonna cost me the game too. :wall:

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We only start 1 DL player and Cole has underperformed every week so far this season. Is it time to drop him for someone on the WW?Available players are:Charles JohnsonCameron WakeHenry MeltonDerrick MorganJohn Abraham

Cole is stuck in a rotation with other DE's and when he's getting the opportunities he's not making the most of them. I guess the question you'd have to ask yourself is whether or not it's worth waiting to see if Cole improves. Personally i'd not wait if there are better options on the WW. Wake is a fantastic option to take if he's there. Cole was good. This year he is not.
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