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Young DE/LB talent


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Hello All,

Any advice on young IDP talent. Not deep sleepers per-se, but I have a few roster spots open and perhaps I can grab some DE depth at DE like Vernon or Alexander that have future upside or pick up Kruger?

For LBs I have Weatherspoon, Lee, Smith (now Ir) AJ Hawk, Ellerbee, Brinkley. Should I grab Fort to replace Smith? or go with a vet like McClellan?

As you can probably imagine my defense is winning me games.... so I could make a few trades if I think I have some good young future talent.



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If you are open to young OLBers then Cleveland's James Michael Johnson could be in-line to assume the starting outside linebacker slot from Scott Fujita as soon as Sunday since Fujita is probably landing on IR and this likely means he'll retire so this could be the begining of JMJ's role as a starter.

My link

Fujita’s Career May Be Over Due to Neck Injury

The fight may be over after all for LB Scott Fujita.

Sources from ESPN report that the Browns LB, who has spent much of this year trying to clear his name after being accused of taking part in the Saints’ bounty scandal, reportedly has a possible career-ending neck injury.

Chris Mortensen stated on Monday night that both the Browns and Fujita fear his playing days could be over, and that due to the injury he may be forces to retire.

Fujita did not immediately respond to text messages or emails seeking comment. It is believed he is seeking further medical opinions on what the Browns have called a ”neck/shoulder” injury. It’s not known when Fujita got hurt.

Fujita’s agent Don Yee would not confirm the report. The 33-year-old Fujita was inactive for Sunday’s game against Cincinnati. He practiced last Wednesday, the same day he sharply criticized NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the Saints’ situation. Fujita’s three-game suspension was reduced to one by Goodell but his battle with the league is not yet over.

Goodell acknowledged Fujita did not contribute to the Saints’ pay-for-hits pool, but the commissioner angered the 11-year veteran with a letter in which he said Fujita, as a team captain, should have done more to stop other players from participating in the Saints’ program.

Fujita responded by saying Goodell abused his power and lambasted the commissioner for his ”condescending tone” in a letter. Fujita also questioned the commissioner’s record on player safety. Fujita has been an outspoken advocate for player safety as an executive council member of the NFL Players Association.

”For him to come out and say he was disappointed in me for not standing up to my coach,” Fujita said after last week. ”I haven’t had someone tell me they were disappointed in me since I was 12 years old, and that was my father.”

Fujita spent four seasons with New Orleans before signing with Cleveland as a free agent in 2010. He was in the final year of his contract and it’s possible he will retire after the season.

With Fujita OUT he'll be replaced.

OLB Craig Robertson was filling in and he looks really good in coverage so he will likely continue being the third down LB on the outside but JMJ was scheduled to take over that role after a strong camp and preseason.

Unfortunately JMJ got injured in the last preseason game and only got some PT last week.

The timing couldn't be better for JMJ to take over for Fujita but right now it would be a split between JMJ and Craig Robertson however by the end of this year I believe JMJ would be the full-time starter on the strong side and Robertson would challenge to take over on the weak side.

Oh and another young OLB who is right now making some noise that I've liked for awhile is IND LB Jerry Hughes.

This last week LB Robert Mathis was OUT and Hughes finally got some PT and he had a big game.

I don't know that situation as well but Mathis probably will continue being the starer once he's healthy but I've liked Hughes for a long time, talent-wise, and feel once he becomes a starter that he'll be very productive.

I assume you know the standard names like Bobby Wagner, etc, so the above are two players who aren't starting but who have talent and JMJ has an opportunity.

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