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IPAD video question--I just can't figure it out....

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I don't know why they make this so hard or maybe I am just that stupid, but I have video taken on a Sony Camcorder in AVCHD format and I want to transfer them from a PC to my wife's IPAD 2.

I spent about 2 hours doing google searches and every result yields what appears to be a front to just buy/download new software.

I did manage to use Handbrake and convert the video file to an MP4 format, but when I go to upload it to the IPAD, it still doesn't recognize them as even existing in the folder I created.

I tried the whole sync the IPAD to the computer and go through ITunes, but that warning message you get when you are attempting to sync--something to the effect all pictures on this IPAD will be deleted and replaced with the new content didn't seem like a good idea.

I tried just dragging them to a folder from the PC to the Ipad itself and the computer gets an error saying the device is not recognized or is not turned on.

I even thought about compressing the file and emailing it, but the size of the HD video (about an hour) just doesn't lend itself to be zipped and attached due to the size limits on most email programs.

I am sure there is an easy answer, What am I missing here?

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