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Beach Decathlon Events

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My fantasy football league has a tradition of holding a "decathlon" each year over draft weekend, in which all of the league members compete in 10 different competitions and are ranked from 10 to 1 in each event to determine the overall winner of the decathlon. It is always a great source of competition and trash-talking throughtout draft weekend.

This year, we rented out a beach house in Panama City Beach, FL. I'm currently working on developing the list of decathlon events. The list currently looks like this:


1. 50 Yard Sprint

2. Beer Pong Tournament

3. Basketball Shootout (there is a basketball hoop at the beach house; take shots from different marked spots, rank by overall shooting %)

4. Swimming Race (run from spot on a beach and swim to buoy in the ocean and back)

5. Chicken Fighting Tournament (randomly selected teams of two, two or more tournaments, competitors are ranked by highest average finish)

6. Soccer Shootout (each individual takes 10 penalty shots on goal against a goalkeeper)

7. Miniature Golf

8. Beach Sumo Wrestling Competition (a circle is drawn in the sand and the competitors must battle to see who can push the other outside of the circle)

9. Tug of War (6 tug of war trials, randomly drawn teams for each trial, competitors are ranked by overall record)

10. Tennis Tournament (individual tennis tournament)

Other potential events include bocce ball, cornhole tournament, poker, and long jump competition.

Decathlon events in the past have included a ping pong tournament, home run derby, quarterback accuracy competition, field goal kicking competition, and poker.

Any other interesting ideas out there for potential Beach Decathlon events?

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