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Official Johnny Manziel Thread: Manziel agrees to join ‘Fan Controlled Football’ startup league

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This is fascinating. If only most people would live according to the standard they hold famous strangers to this would be a much better world.

Please keep going on about how the 22 year old millionaire isn't living up to your own high standards that I am certain you meticulously adhere to regardless of how much you are paid.

All they have to do is live up to the standards (whatever they are) of the employer who signs their million dollar checks.

When you can't do that.....your done.

I could give a rats ### if Johnny parties and has fun (like any young or veteran NFL player should be able to have). But if it is going to upset your employer then your an idiot for doing it and getting caught over and over and over.

Grow up, take some ownership of yourself and proceed with some sort of caution so you can play in the league. Obviously he has failed to live to the standards set forth to him by his employer.

In the real world you get fired for that. That is what is happening to Johnny now. He is done with the Browns. Another team will pick him up probably and we shall see if he can be a starter again. I never thought he had the metal maturity to be an NFL QB. It's proving to be true. He can't stay out of trouble.

He was coming off quite possibly his best game as a pro (I thought he looked damn good start to finish for the first time), they named him starter for the rest of the season. Now he is right back in the dog house. They obviously have a laundry list longer than what we even know publicly of his off the field BS.

Absolutely agree, and it's playing out that way.

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Headline of the article should read "Travis Benjamin has started smoking crack"