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NEWZA -- On Covid Siesta til '21

Notorious T.R.E.

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I can't get the hangout to work :kicksrock:

me either, it keeps telling me i didnt install the plug in

It's a Flash site

whats going on in there ? i feel like im missing out

sounds like Tre ate some tacos :shrug:

Had some tacos. FDAS is making what looks like Alpo. GM did a line???

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The plugin won't install

If you're having trouble installing the Hangouts plugin, or are receiving a message asking you to reinstall it, you should check to make sure your configuration is correct.

View step-by-step list

  1. Check to make sure the Google Hangouts Plugin Video Accelerator and Google Hangouts NPAPI Plugin are enabled. If you're using Chrome you can type about:plugins in your browser to display your plug-ins.

Make sure you're not using Internet Explorer 64-bit (this is a browser version that is 64 bit as opposed to 32 bit).

Ensure that you don't have any "click to run" extensions enabled.

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nesbitt eating dinner with family, hopefully it'll let me be in charge

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Amazing draft. Too many shots. Crawled into bed dreaming of that Bid noise about 12:45. Got drunk call from FWB at 1:15 to come over and "sleep". This day at the office can't get over soon enough.

but a great night. Well done by all.

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Lots of different strategies re: pitching budgets

Bogart $126
Cosjobs $62
Eephus $81
GM $48
Greco $76
Guru $102
Kraft $80 (no pitchers on bench)
Whoever Matt's Team is $113
NV $67
Zilla $99
Pump $67
Thoughts & Prayers $105
TRE $81
Hell Toupee $98

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