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Serious Biz Dynasty - Everybody's in for year 15 - CBS or Fantrax?


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18 minutes ago, FishTacoTuesday said:

Pick imminent 

Urban Dictionary



"Ready to take place; hanging threateningly over ones head."

:We are surely in imminent danger for STD's if this keeps up:

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On 1/30/2020 at 6:55 PM, Eephus said:

The Competitive Balance draft will start next Wednesday Feb 5th.  Draft order (non-snake)

  1. UM Jake
  2. RnR
  3. Rodg12
  4. Spartans Rule
  5. pik/goat
  6. NV
  7. Kraft
  8. Eephus
  9. Shady Inc
  10. Dr. Detroit
  11. HellToupee
  12. Cheese

We still need a protected list from @HellToupee

The draft sheet is here.  I'm going to keep it locked for editing until the lists are finalized because It's a pain getting info from CBS to Google.  If you have any last minute changes to who you want to protect, please continue posting them here.

@Mike Damone

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50 minutes ago, cheese said:

There are a million reasons why this makes no sense for my team and guys who are more value left, but this needs to happen. It’s time to come home...

Joey Votto 1b

This is akin to my Miguel Cabrera pick last year, one I very much regret making.  I could have had Charlie Morton for that pick.


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