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Serious Biz Dynasty Year 14 - Trade deadline is Sept 1


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2 minutes ago, HellToupee said:


I don't see deGrom being picked or Xander

yeah we aren't updating CBS as players are picked, you'll have to keep track or just ask :shrug: 

Players taken so far:  Arenado, Rizzo, Bogaerts, Bumgarner, Braun, Dozier, Hamilton

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PIK95 trade block.  Looking for young pitchers to have a proper lineup.

Brady Aiken SP | CLE 
Lazaro Armenteros OF |
Jake Bauers RF | TB
Alex Jackson RF | ATL
Franklyn Kilome SP | PHI
Steven Moya RF | DET 
Jacob Nottingham C | MIL
Preston Tucker LF | HOU 
Garrett Whitley LF | TB
Jesse Winker RF | CIN 

Want MLB youth to get a proper starting lineup.

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2 hours ago, HellToupee said:

Sorry guys no one texted me. Extremely busy & late day in work . Something came up . Leaving now will pick in about  an hour to hour half. Depends on commute . Latest by 8 hopefully 730. Are we sure Xander went? Oh I was so happy to draft him , so happy. 

You on Mountain Time now or something?


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1    1    pik95    Nolan Arenado    3B
1    2    Arsenal    Anthony Rizzo    1B
1    3    Kraft    Xander Bogaerts    SS
1    4    RnR    Madison Bumgarner    P
1    5    Dr. Detroit    Brian Dozier    2B
1    6    Rodg12    Billy Hamilton    OF
1    7    NV    Ryan Braun    OF
1    8    pik95 (from greedygoat)    Kyle Hendricks    P
1    9    HellToupee    Stephen Strasburg    P
1    10    Cheese    Carlos Gonzalez    OF
1    11    eephus    Cody Bellinger    1B
1    12    Spartans Rule    Aroldis Chapman    P

2    1    pik95        
2    2    Arsenal        
2    3    Kraft        
2    4    RnR        
2    5    Dr. Detroit        
2    6    Rodg12        
2    7    NV        
2    8    Greedygoat        
2    9    HellToupee        
2    10    Cheese        
2    11    eephus        
2    12    Spartans Rule       

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