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Serious Biz Dynasty Year 14 - Trade deadline is Sept 1


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6 minutes ago, Spartans Rule said:

Not if we spend all day refreshing this thread waiting for picks.


Looks like season four of Stranger Things will be split in two and ended there.  First part due around Christmas.  Just wanted to share the happiness.

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18 minutes ago, Eephus said:

Should have been the end of day one


I even told you last night that is the guy I'd likely take.  I did have two other names in mind though.  

Sorry for the delay, I had some offsite professional obligations arise this morning and didn't get to the office until 3.  


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21 minutes ago, rodg12 said:

Couldn't believe a saves guy got away from @Eephus when I saw what team he was on last year!

He was on my original list but I'm not totally sold on the idea of protecting pitchers whose value is entirely role dependent.  Joe Maddon could change things up at any time.

That and protecting six prospects.

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1 hour ago, Northern Voice said:

I'll make a pick in a bit, going to look at the lists. 

Urban Dictionary



a period of time over fifteen minutes but not exceeding 2 hours.

derived from asec

"Just gimmie a-bit.
I'll be there in a-bit"

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  • Eephus changed the title to Serious Biz Dynasty Year 14 - Trade deadline is Sept 1

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