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2 hours ago, Twenty-Four Eighty-Four said:

In my opinion, he's definitely going to be playing Taysom Hill. The question is just how much.

I think it'll be up to Jameis to dictate whether Taysom gets more action than he did with Brees. If he's grown beyond the idiot that he was before then this will be primarily his show, but if not...

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I know it will never happen but I want to see a real qbbc.  Something like a 60/40 split with both of them lining up in the backfield for 10 or so snaps a game.  It would be stupid as all hell, but insanely fun.

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7 hours ago, Grahamburn said:

TLDR - If the Saints can reign in Jameis' decision making he'll be good.  Duh.

Exactly. Winston is a classic example of how advanced metrics crumble under the weight of common sense. 

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NFL Beat Writers @32BeatWriters

"Sean Payton said after practice that the roles would rotate so the team can get a look at how both fit within the starting offense... While both Winston and Hill completed a high percentage of their passes, Winston clearly had the better day throwing the football."




NFL Beat Writers @32BeatWriters

"All but one of Hill's completions appeared to travel fewer than 7 or 8 yards past the line of scrimmage, and both of his incompletions came on his downfield attempts. Three of those completions came either at or behind the line of scrimmage."


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