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How many IDP would you roster in no-waivers league?

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I'm playing in a 10-team, 40-player dynasty league that uses 2 DL/LB, 2 DB, 1 IDP flex (balanced scoring, 1/tackle, 4/sack, with LB's the #1 choice for flex 90%+ of the time). However, there is *no* waiver-wire in this league (although you can replace a player with another player of the same position on the same team if your rostered player goes on IR), which makes depth a lot more important than in typical leagues.

I took over this team last year, and the owner sloughed IDP pretty heavily. I managed to get rid of a lot of deadwood last year, but without a lot of top talent, I wondered how many players I should roster at each of the positions.

My current roster is:

LB/DL: Derrick Johnson, Wesley Woodyard, Kevin Burnett, and Bruce Carter (I could potentially drop Carter. but we have limited drops per year and he's only a $1 player, which makes him a low priority to drop).

DB: Stevie Brown, William Moore, T.J. McDonald

I'm considering either Mosley or Shazier with my 3.02 or 3.03 pick, though it's certainly not guaranteed, plus I have up to 6 free agent spots after the rookie draft. There are a couple of top-20 LB's available (Trevathan, Riley, Daryl Smith, Thomas Davis, Kendricks, Worrilow), but the only top-20 DB's are Aaron Williams and Barry Church, and DB's are typically overpriced compared to their predicted worth based on VBD.

Based on my current roster, how many IDP players at each position would you recommend that I roster? The league average seems to be about 4 DB and 5-6 LB and wondered if I should model that. And if I'm unable to get any of the top-level talent (I'm in desperate need for a QB2 and it's a 2QB league), whether I should bother with flyer-level players, or just cross my fingers and hope to make it to next year when more players are available.

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