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Kuechly for picks

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It's nigh impossible to answer without knowing any scoring details or lineup. In some leagues Kuechly might be worth the 1.04. In others he might barely be worth a third rounder. Answering these would help:

How many points for a tackle vs a sack?

Do you gets points for TFL?

What are the leagues starting requirements?

Where did the top scoring LBer finish in overall scoring last year?

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He was #16 overall and LB #7 last year. LB #1 was #3 overall.

Pretty complicated scoring system. Tackles and assists are worth the same, half a sack is worth about one tackle. Turnovers are worth about 2 tackles. Also points for pass defences, QB hits.

We can start anywhere between 1-6 LBs due to all our flexes.

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In my leagues I'd rather Kuechly than everyone but Watkins and Evans. If I had a desperate need at RB and am strong at LB I'd consider trading him for Hyde, but in that scenario I'd try to trade a different LB long before going down that road.

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