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1 hour ago, mr. furley said:


:thumbup: my plan is to lurk here and learn some more.  

I've been casually following along since the World Cup and probably am even dumber about soccer now*


*Not an indictment of the thread, more one of myself

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6 minutes ago, Poke_4_Life said:

I'm wearing my USA bandana, my USSoccer scarf, and my AO shirt while singing soccer songs. 

My wife says I can't have anymore bourbon.  #nomarriage

I'll drink an extra scotch (or two) & make up for ya.

PS Wearing the previous white home jersey with collar. Great business casual attire. 

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1 minute ago, wdcrob said:

Are Ecuador sitting back and looking for the counter? Not sure how to think about that one if so.

Isn't that their M.O.?  I'm no expert on Ecuadorian soccer but I thought that was their standard game plan. 

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