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I've been meaning to put this together for some time. For our newer US soccer fans, here is a little primer of things to know about the history of your team and some of the background of internationa

I didn't get to see a lot of the match because I had a fussy infant and a toddler to get to bed.  I saw the last 30 minutes or so.  I guess that was a blessing.  Even in the last 30 minutes, I found m

not a soccer fan here, how does this work?  Argentina gets ball for the first 45 minutes then the US gets it in the 2nd half?

3 minutes ago, NewlyRetired said:

They chopped it up pretty well in training yesterday from the photos I saw, so I'd expect it to deteriorate pretty quickly once play starts even with it being dry today.  It may not be muddy, but I'd expect it to get bumpy.

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1 hour ago, NewlyRetired said:

The WC is expanding to 48 teams in 2026 when the US/Mexico/ and Canada host.

Even worse, the group stage is now going to be just 3 teams and PK's will be used to decide every game if tied to prevent collusion.

It is going to suck as a fan.  Basically Qualifying is almost meaningless and then you can wait for 4 years to lose a game on pk's and be done after two games.

I can't overstate how much I hate this.

That sounds terrible....

....Unless we somehow screw this up tonight, in which case can we expedite this format to the current cycle?

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4 hours ago, NewlyRetired said:

For anyone who has internet access tonight but has no way of seeing the game, go here.  You will find multiple high quality streams of the game.  Check shortly before game time


I just signed up for a free trial at fuboTV, but the streams make for a good backup plan.

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1 minute ago, Dinsy Ejotuz said:

Why would they do that?  Laissez les bons temps rouler IMO.

it is how they played against Mexico.  I have no idea how they will play tonight.  If they come out and give Pulisic space and the field is decent, that should play nicely into our hands err feet :)

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My prediction:

USA goes down in the 4th minute, then gives up three more in the first half naively chasing the game, eventually losing 4-2.

Meanwhile Panama takes care of Costa Rica at home, 1-0.  

Honduras and Mexico play a drab 0-0 affair until the 85th, when Honduras takes the lead on a wonder strike from just inside the halfway line.  22 minutes into injury time Mexico scores twice sending the US into the playoff with Australia as repayment for 2014.

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ok. so the wife's changes has ####ed me here. no channels available-and spectrum has the account in "process" so can't make any changes to add the channels back. :hot:


need a feed please. tia.


eta: ####### furious right now.

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This Go90app from Verizon kinda sucks. Even on my home internet , the quality is terrible. This would be unwatchable on Verizon data.

But I guess it is better than nothing. Sorta hoping the audio goes out, or they manage to crank up the freight train parked outside the stadium enough to drown these announcers out.

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