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Help with decision

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IDP: 2 ppt, 1ppa, 4 sack, 5 int, 10 td

I have Wagner, A. Olgetree and Harrison Smith.

But can only keep one. All offseason I thought Wagner was it, but the Seattle defense being so good at so many positions scares me a bit.

Who would you keep of the 3 and why?

thanks and good luck.

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All good. Would help to know the system you play in. How many def players? In general, I think that Wagner will be good. But, he has others sharing tackles with and the scoring system in Seattle could be better. Smith should be a stud and will have more opportunities on def.


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What I might do, my plan WAS to keep a TE, I have Rudolph, Reed and Ertz...was going to keep Rudolph in PPR league(I am a ND fan)

If I cut all 3, chances are I can get one back in the draft, thus allowing me to keep 2 defensive players. A top 10 LB or DB will outscore all TEs except Graham in our league.

So I can keep Wagner and Smith(ND fan!). And I think I can get Olgetree back.

Something tells me Wagner isnt going to be a top 10 LB. But he is hard to cut.

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