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Milliner and Claiborne


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I'm in a deep dynasty league in which each roster has 50 players including IDP (we start 2 DE, 1 DT, 4 LB, 2CB, and 2 S along with our offense) and there are no inseason pickups allowed so you have to account for all your backups on your roster at the start. Suffice to say depth is important.

Anyway, I'm cutting my roster down to 50 and I need to make 2 more cuts. I am probably going to cut 2 of my 7 CB but I'm not sure who. I have:

Richard Sherman

Brent Grimes

Darius Slay

Cary Williams

Antoine Cason

Dee Miliner

Morris Claiborne

The scoring system is 6 points per pick, 1/2 point per tackle, 4 points per sack, 3 points per forced fumble, 3 points per fumble recovery, and 6 points for any TD (special teams included). I'm leaning towards cutting Dee Miliner and Morris Claiborne but their youth (dynasty league) and first round pedigrees scare me. Any thoughts?

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