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DT start: Senderrick marks Jac or Henry Melton dal?


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Well, it's hard to know about melton- he didn't play in the preseason after an early season injury last year. That coupled with the fact that he is the only "threat" on the Dallas front 4, and I have to believe he will be getting a lot of attention from the opposition. Having said that, he's an athletic freak, who has only played defense for a few years and seemed to be on the verge of breaking into uber DT stud tiers before the injury. I think he has more upside, and more downside. Marks is more of a sure thing. Also, Melton is more valuable in leagues that reward sacks and TFLs, Marks will have more tackles, but fewer sacks, and so would be preferred in tackle heavy leagues.....hope that helps

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Marks 5-4-1 vs Melton with a goose egg

Considering Melton was held out the entire preseason, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. If he can get healthy and in football shape, Melton should still be an asset at some point this season in DT required leagues. Oh... and don't sell Marks short in the sack department.

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