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drop Shazier or Foster


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I can pick Bobby Wagner up off the waiver wire but I'll have to drop either Ryan Shazier or Mason Foster. I'm a little wary because of Jene's comments about the assist-happy stat crew in SEA, plus the diminished tackle opportunity for the SEA D. Is it worth picking him up and if so, which one should I drop?

Start 3 LBs

I have Kuechly, Burfict, Mayo, Foster, and Shazier

1 pt per tackle

2 points per tackle for loss

0 points per assist

4 points per INT

4 points per sack

3 points per forced fumble

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Wagner > Foster because he doesn't have a Lavonte David around sucking up tackles. You'd be right to be wary when Wagner plays at home though. Your scoring system will screw him there (Mayo is a similar albeit lesser concern, lots of assists in NE, more solos than Seattle though).

Foster did play 100% of the snaps last week. He will do very well if he has finally earned the nickel role. I don't really see anyone there who could take it from him, but I'd still stick with the upside of Shazier over him, though.

Honestly, unless there are positional roster limits, I would much rather cut elsewhere and grab Wagner. Just seems like there has to be someone worse on this roster.

Or maybe try to trade Mayo/Foster/Shazier for help elsewhere, then grab Wagner. 3LB starters per team? Someone must need one desperately.

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